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Have you ever signed up for an email list only to receive your first email weeks later? By the time you’ve finally received that first email or newsletter, you may have forgotten you even subscribed in the first place. The best way to engage your newest subscribers from the get-go is with an acknowledging welcome email

To learn more about welcome emails and the positive impact they can have on your engagement, Jill Bastian, Community Education & Training Manager at VerticalResponse, shares her knowledge in our latest episode of Tips in 2. One of the key takeaways shared in this video is the importance of the timing of your welcome email. To be most effective, your welcome email should be sent out within 48 hours of a new subscriber signing up for your mailing list. If you use the new VerticalResponse, this can be done automatically. 

Additionally, Jill provides some ideas on what you can share in your welcome email including:

  • Demos
  • Webinars
  • Guides
  • White papers
  • And even coupons

Watch the video below to get tips on sending welcome emails and increasing engagement with your newest subscribers.

You can create welcome emails in VerticalResponse by signing up for a free account here.

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