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While preparing for a recent move, I contacted the US Postal Service to change my address. While doing this, I was given the option to update my mailing address on a few catalogs and magazines I receive. It’s pretty smart for publishers and retailers to pair up with USPS on this one. I chose to update my mailing address for the Williams-Sonoma catalog because I love receiving the recipes and seeing all the new swanky cookware. About 3 days after my move, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email in my inbox (I was opted in already) with the subject line: Congratulations on Your New Home! The email had a cheery, welcoming feel and tempted me with this line: As our housewarming gift to you, a special offer will arrive in your mailbox soon.


I was impressed with the connection they made between the update to my mailing address, sending me a targeted email, and tying in a direct mail piece. A few days later this arrived in the mail:

Williams-Sonoma Welcome Home Email
Nice! There was a consistent look and feel to the direct mail and the email I had received, so I remembered it. The 10% discount offer was a nice touch and an incentive to encourage me to buy. Their efforts paid off. I purchased some new wine glasses to toast the new pad and am a loyal customer. Win-win for Williams-Sonoma.

What can you do to roll out the welcome mat for your customers?

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  • alex

    Its nice. I want to know more about the direct mail marketing and the cost for direct marketing

  • Rustic Log Furniture

    I love this wonderful Marketing idea… I wonder how they were able to work with the USPS to get updates to changes in mailing addresses of people who receive their catalog. Is this only available to the big stores?

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