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IiMEDIA Connection recently guest blogged for iMedia Connection, and wrote a post called Why Free Trials Can Pay for Themselves.” If you’re serious about your business, the idea to give away your product or service for free might seem crazy. However, I believe that it can be the best thing you could do, especially if your target customers are small businesses.

Here’s an excerpt: When my email marketing company VerticalResponse decided to give our online product away totally free back in 2001, people couldn’t understand why. Our largest competitor wasn’t doing it; they gave a free trial of their product for the first 30 days, but you still had to submit your credit card so they could charge it on the 31st day and automatically commit you to a monthly subscription…

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    Free trials can definitely be worth it.. if you have a valuable product. You really must be sure that you have any defects/glitches/etc worked out before you offer free trials. You must also provide grade A customer service. Reason being, if you have a good product on your hands, the news will spread. Customers will virtually advertise for you “hey i got this product for free and it works great!” It can be a helpful way to promote your brand. But you must also be very careful not to hand out defective products or else you may attract negative attention to your brand

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