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I’ve got a new article up on for my column Girl Power: Female CEOs.

It’s entitled, How  Respecting Competition Wins Business. Are you aware if your employees are bashing your fellow competitors? It may or may not be right for your business, so check out my thoughts in this quick read!

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  • Stephanie S. White

    yes! being truthful,treating your consumers well and building a relationship with your customers is the excellent way of keeping your business more likely to top.

  • Brochure Printing

    Great article! Creating an honest and credible relationship with customers is one of the best ways to get AND keep a customer’s business. Often honesty and great service will keep a customer’s business even if someone else comes along with lower prices but may not seem trustworthy. No brochure printing piece, even if an incredible design and offer, will fool a customer who has been treated badly by a company.

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