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Lights, Camera, Video MarketingAlright, answer honestly… how many online videos have you watched today?

Online videos are a key part of your small business marketing toolbox. A recent survey by the consulting firm Accenture found 90% of consumer respondents watch video content over the Internet. And that’s not surprising, considering video hosting giant YouTube boasts billions of viewers. So how can you make video marketing a part of your promotional efforts? How can you garner a share of that viewership to promote your content and boost your sales? Let’s find out.

  • Keep it short: Viewership online may be high, but attention spans are low. With all the quick links and promotions floating around any given page of the Internet, users very quickly tune out when watching long, drawn out lectures or sales pitches. Your video should focus on a single call-to-action or piece of information. What do you want your viewer to know or do? Then find a way to present that idea in a short and entertaining way. One of the best new tools out there for short videos is Vine. Vine creates a six-second looping video and can be used to show off the best parts of your product quickly. HTC found a very creative way to show off their Android phones using Vine.
  • Pull back the curtain: One of the best opportunities you have when using video is to put a human face to your business. By filming your videos around the office, you give people a better sense of the company they’re interacting with and purchasing from. Consumers love seeing the inner workings of a business, even if it’s just a glance (check out how Tesla did it in this video showing how a Model S is made). Additionally, if you have a fun work environment or an interesting product creation process, show it off. Check out how 24 hour printing company Solopress, walks you through their printing process from start to finish, here.
  • Teach a man to fish: Video tutorials are a great way to bring consumers to your content while teaching them ways to succeed with your product. For example, if you’re a florist and want to show people easy ways to create a bouquet, make a video tutorial about it, this not only shows potential customers h0w you go through your process, but also showcases your talents. Then end the video with your brand and business info. Tutorials are one of the best uses for video and will bring consumers who are searching for how to do something right to your page, where your product or solution is waiting.

Creating videos for your small business marketing has never been easier with video on smartphones, and apps like Vine or Instagram. You can create short, fun and helpful videos to post on your YouTube page or embed on your website. To learn more about using video to promote your business, check out our free webinar, “Spark New Interest with Video Blogging.” It’s hosted on our webpage; where you can then check out the rest of our products and services… see what I did there?

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  • Gary Terzza

    Some very useful advice. I would add that sound is important too. I have viewed many videos with impressive graphics and lighting, but with poor audio quality. If you are making a video for your business think about using a lapel mic on the presenter to help cut out external noise and intrusive room ambience.

  • Jay McInnes, Vancouver realtor

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I agree that videos can be very beneficial for marketing. It’s like if a picture is better than a thousand words then how much more effective are videos for marketing? People want to see what they are considering buying and they are more likely to be intrigued by what they see in a video than just reading a description or seeing a picture of it. I like the point you brought out about using a video to show who the people are who make up your business. People want to know that they are not getting scammed by a fake online business, so showing that you are a real person behind your website can score big points with potential clients!

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