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Google has been busy the past few months rolling out updates to Panda, updating their quality guidelines and axing the Google Keyword Tool. Google has increased the frequency of these updates and changes which can be tough to get a handle on, so we broke it down nice and easy for you, all in under 5 minutes!

Check out this video to learn more about Google’s changes and what that means for your business.


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  • Chipper Nicodemus

    Hey Ashley,

    Thanks for reading! Guest blogging is a really slippery slope right now. It is still a great idea to guest blog, but you might want to “nofollow” the links just to play it safe. Also ask yourself if you are guest blogging just to get links, then that might answer your question. If you are guest blogging to be a thought leader, then you are on the right track, which it sounds like you are! If you do guest blog be sure to keep your anchor text natural and don’t over do it! Hope that helps.



  • Ashley Wetmore

    How heavy do you think guest blogging will negatively weigh on Google rankings? Do you think the benefit of capturing a target audience already built by another opinion leader out weigh any hits you might take in rankings? TY

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