In an attempt to give you 5 new ways to build your email marketing list each month, here are  new ideas you can put to work for your business.

1. Street Fairs! – Summer weather is here! If you participate in a local street fair, why not collect email addresses right at the fair. You can sweeten the deal by offering a discount on the first or next purchase.Street Fair

2. Non-Profits – Include an email address line on all donation envelopes.

3. In Store Parties – Have an in-store party around your products or services. If you sell hats, have a quarterly “hat party” where you encourage people to wear crazy hats and offer discounts on yours. Then get email addresses while people are in the store.

4. Speaking Events
– During your speech weave into your message that people can always get more information about you at your website. Then tell them if they sign up for your newsletter you’ll give them free consultations. You also might try bringing something tangible that you can give away that includes your email messaging.

5. Give Away an iPod – Each month give away a valuable and fun item that may or may not relate to your business to those who join your list. You’re not on the list, you don’t have a shot.

Got any list building ideas of your own? Please share!

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