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After mentioning this a couple weeks ago, many of you have been asking about the new email archive and social sharing features. You create such great looking and informative emails, so why not use Facebook and Twitter to get your ideas in front of more people to help grow your business?  Social sharing is also a great way to build your email list.

Here’s a screen shot of what you’ll see in your account. These are mock-ups so the final product might look a teeny bit different.


Once you’ve sent your email, you can store your email in the email archive free of charge, and easily post it to Facebook or Twitter. Let us know what you think! You’ll see the new social sharing features in your account in the first part of January.


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  • Steve Harris

    Can we have social sharing integrated with LinkedIn for us stuffier business types?

  • Diane Peterson

    GREAT NEW SERVICE! Our company has committed to increasing our social networking budget in 2010, as well as pumping up the broadcast emails through Vertical Response. This combined effort will be a huge benefit to us.
    Thank you for developing this new combined program. Vertical Response is a fantastic online tool that asissts today’s cutting edge businesses.

  • Mark

    Excellent and finally!
    I’ll surprise you here by saying that my excitement about this new feature is driven only 20% by the facebook/twitter link-up, but 80% by the ability to archive and link to past newsletters!
    As you say, we spend a lot of time and effort building these newsletters, it’ll be great to use their content on more than one occasion.
    I will definitely use the facebook linkup (we already have a facebook account and page; currently copying and pasting all the time), but what I most look forward to is creating a “Past Newsletters” section on our website with links to the archived newsletters (Please make those easy to identify and link to).
    Keep up the good work.
    — Mark.

  • new bingo

    Grate its very easy to share the information

  • Jason Cronkhite

    Great value add. Will this be integrated with Sales Force and will there be reporting analytics to go along with it?

  • Kathryn

    This is great–I was just pondering how to make our facebook group more meaningful for our members, and this is perfect!

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