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Segmented lists get more engagement. The open and click results are likely to be higher since the email message can be more directly targeted to a certain group of people. To make this best practice easier, we are excited to introduce our new Advanced Search tool.

This update allows for campaign activity-based segmentation, which means, you can segment your contact list based on a set of predetermined parameters related to opens or clicks. You can access this email feature on the Contacts page.

Watch a 2-minute demo.

New Feature List Segmentation

There are three selections you can make:


  • People who opened
  • People who did not open
  • People who clicked
  • People who did not click


  • Any email
  • All emails
  • Specific emails

Time frame

  • In the last 7 days
  • In the last month
  •  In the last 6 months

New Feature List Segmentation

For quicker list generation, ‘Recommended Searches’ is available at the top right-hand rail. You can generate the list by clicking on the name of the search.

Once the results from your search appear, you can:

  • Sort by First Name, Last Name, Company, City, or State/Region
  • Remove any fields
  • Save the search as a new segment
  • Add the contacts to an existing list

New Feature List Segmentation

This level of segmentation can be of great use, especially if you manage a large number of contacts.

Ways You Can Use Segmentation

Here are just a few ways you can take advantage of this new feature:

  • Reward customers who have opened all emails by sending a special offer.
  • Find all customers who haven’t opened an email in the last 6 months and send them a re-engagement email.
  • See who has never opened any emails and consider scrubbing them from your list.
  • Identify subscribers who have never clicked after opening an email. Send them a follow-up asking if they are looking for different content.

Advanced Search is our first phase of segmentation and available to both freemium and paid accounts. Take advantage of this deeper level of segmentation and watch how your engagement improves.

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