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In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we’ve compiled a list of our marketing blog posts and free marketing guides that include the number 5. Take advantage of these 15 ways to add a little spice to your marketing with VerticalResponse!

1. 5 Truths of Email Marketing

2. 5 Simple Ways to Go Green with Your Marketing

3. 5 Steps for a Successful Newsletter

4. 5 Tips for Making Social Media Local

5. April Monthly List Building: 5 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

6. 5 Easy Things to Test to Get a Better Response in Your Email

7. March Monthly List Building Ideas: 5 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

8. 5 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Build Fans and Increase Engagement

9. 5 Examples of How Being Transparent is Good for Business

10. 5 Simple Steps Marketing Plan to Grow Your Business

11. Why Direct Mail Still Works – 5 Reasons to Use it Today

12. 5 Basics for Climbing the Search Engine Ladder

13. 5 Quick Tips on How to Recover Bounced Email Addresses

14. 15 Postcard Tips, Tricks and Hints

15. 50 All-Time Great Retail Subject Lines

Margarita anyone?

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  • Tate Holt

    Congratulations, Janine, on being named as San Francisco’s Small Business Person of the Year!!! You’re my hero!

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