We get this question all the time, “I’ve got a restaurant or a bar, and I send out my weekly or monthly email marketing newsletter, but what should I be posting to Twitter  and Facebook?” Social media is great for notifications that are short, sweet and timely. We’ve put together some ideas that you can put to work for your establishment today.

Soup of the Day – I bet the #1 thing most restaurants get calls for on a daily basis is about their soup of the day. Twitter is a perfect application for this! No one really wants to call to find this out, so make it easy for them. Tell them to follow you on Twitter.

Specials – Same as soup, special items on the menu may change on a daily basis. Again, this is the perfect application for Twitter and Facebook. Tweet your specials and include how many you have left, it lends a sense of urgency to your message.

Happy Hour Drinks – If you’ve got a great happy hour, get the people coming in every day. Your customers might not think of your happy hour each day, but if you’re in front of them on Twitter, your chances are better than if you don’t Tweet.

Live Music – Got a great band playing tonight? Let your followers know. If they know you’ll keep them up to date on Twitter, then they’ll follow you forever.

Email Newsletter – If you’ve launched your email marketing newsletter to your recipients, you’ve got a hosted version of it to promote. Share your email newsletter link on Twitter and Facebook so those that follow you will see all of the cool things you’ve got going on.

Got any great ideas you’ve been doing for your restaurant or bar? Share them!

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