Let’s just throw it out there and admit the holidays are a little hectic. Malls are crowded, lines are long, and “Santa Baby” is inevitably going to be branded into your brain for the next 3+ months.

One of the more stressful aspects of the holidays is the instability of good old-fashioned ‘snail-mail.’ Will your packages or cards arrive in time? Will they arrive at all? Email volume alone increases by more than 45% during the holiday season; but more than 20 billion letters, postcards and packages are sent during this time via ‘snail-mail.’ Knowing when exactly to send something, so that it’ll arrive at the right time, is key.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you! Choose a package, a place and a desired arrival date and presto, your holiday mailing deadline has been assigned!

USPS to Anywhere in the U.S. by Christmas USPS Holiday Mailing Deadlines to Military
2011 FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines VerticalResponse Postcards Deadlines

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