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We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Digioh to enable you to send secure, trackable files in your emails and newsletters. You can now add any type of file to your VerticalResponse emails and newsletters, whether it’s an audio file, video file, or document, you can do it with Digioh. Your files will be secure and trackable, making it extremely easy to grow your list and capture new leads.

Get Started with Digioh

It’s easy to get started with Digioh! Just sign up for an account, connect your VerticalResponse and Digioh accounts and add some files.

Ways to Use Files in Your Emails

You can use your Digioh account to do a lot of fantastic things. If you want to send a file to every new subscriber on your list, just add the file to your welcome email.

Targeting specific customers to send a file to is also easy. For example, if you want your customers who have made a purchase to receive a certain document, just add Membership Security to the file and send it to your list of paying customers. No one else will have access to that information, and you’ll be alerted when someone has downloaded the file. This way, you can send a file to subscribers who have paid for your product or service without worrying about whether or not your subscribers are sharing the files with others.

Digioh also lets you provide access to files right on your website with the Digioh Lightbox. Just upload your files to the Lightbox and add a snippet of code to the footer of your website. Anyone who clicks on the button to download your file will be prompted to sign up for your list.

Track Who Downloads Your Files

Digioh lets you see which subscribers downloaded your files. Whenever you send out a file in your email or newsletter, you’ll be able to see who has downloaded the file making it easy to measure interest and engagement.

Grow Your List

Digioh helps you grow your list with List Grower Security. With List Grower Security enabled, anyone not already on your mailing list will be prompted to sign up when they download your file. So, if your email gets forwarded to someone who isn’t on your list, Digioh will help you gain a new subscriber by prompting them to sign up.

Learn more about how to use Digioh in your VerticalResponse account in this free webinar.

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  • jill

    Hi Zea,

    You’re right, this is not a free service and we should have mentioned that. There is a 30 day free trial to test out how it all works, and then there are three pricing tiers to choose from. Paid plans start at $2.99 per month for up to 10 files, 200 downloads and 5 GB of storage per month. The next tier, Pro Plus plan is $14.99 per month and offers up to 50 files, 1,000 downloads and 25 GB of storage per month. The last tier is the Business plan and costs $29.99 per month, with up to 250 files, 5,000 downloads and 100 GB of storage per month.

  • Zea Morvitz

    You should say upfront that this service is not free.

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