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When it comes to social media, bigger isn’t always better. Visitors like short, crisp interactions that get straight to the point.

Social media software expert Jeff Bullas recently wrote a compelling article highlighting 5 types of snack-sized content for social media marketing worth considering. Bullas’ list includes:

1. Snack-Sized Blog Posts
Instead of hitting readers over the head with a solid wall of text on your blog, keep to the basics including:

  • A good headline
  • Enticing introduction
  • Tempting sub-titles
  • Short paragraphs between 2 and 3 sentences

Most readers use social media management tools to quickly skim through headlines. Keeping things short and basic can make your post stand out.

2. Infographics
Bullas advises that infographics “have the endearing habit of being shared ‘often’ and quickly.” Furthermore, they often mix graphics and text to communicate brand messages in seconds and are easily embedded online. If you want to jump on board with your own, check out our recent post, 5 Free Tools for Creating Killer Infographics.

3. 15-Second Videos
Viddy is widely hailed as the Twitter and Instagram video love child, allowing only 15-second-long video clips on its site. It’s taking off, and could become one of the most powerful social media marketing tools in the years to come.

4. Images
Most studies show that pictures are still the most widely shared items across all social media software programs. Nothing beats a crisp, clear image for social media effectiveness. We’ve got more scoop on that here.

Bullas is a big believer in the power of quotes, writing, “the audiences on Twitter and Facebook social networks love those inspiring or humorous quotes that help people start or finish the day with a smile on their face or a song in their soul.”

Do you believe that shorter can be sweeter when it comes to social media marketing? How do you use bite-size content to get your message out? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • N. Williams

    I make posts on Facebook for cats available for adoption from our organization. I generally post the first 6-8 lines of the cats bio, install a footer directing readers to our website for more information about the cat and us, and include one picture of the cat to help the draw. We have a cadre of people who Comment on our posts frequently and our Reach is often extensive. Since the whole idea is to get readers to adopt cats from us, this strategy seems to be working.

  • B. Doohan

    Easy, but thought-provoking questions and statements with a fill-in-the-blank also work really well!

  • Becca

    Social media is an excellent way to share news and let people know about upcoming financial events and educational seminars. It keeps us connected to people looking for specific information.

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