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One of the list building tactics that we have discussed on the blog before for your email marketing is to partner with another business and feature each other in your email newsletter. I saw this Facebook message from one of our customers last week and thought it was a fantastic example of how you could do the exact same thing to build your social media following. Satya Jewelry is a New York based jewelry design company.Buddha Nose

They partnered with Buddha Nose, a New York organic body care store. They launched a Facebook-only campaign, that offered $100 from each business in a sweepstakes. All you needed to do was give them an email address, first name, last name and birthday month to be entered. They created an opt-in form and posted it on each one of their Facebook Fan Pages with a little description to introduce the other business to their current followers. Everyone who entered was encouraged to become a fan of the other business on Facebook and agreed to be added to both Satya Jewelry & Buddha Nose’s email marketing list.

Have you tried partnering with another business? Did you find any success?

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  • Chad

    That is good advice. I knew partnering with other companies was a good way to go, but hadn’t thought of this. Thanks!

  • JayTurn

    I have to say this is an excellent demonstration of thinking outside the box.
    There are plenty of people out there “guest” blogging with complimentary business sites but I haven’t heard of people teaming up for a promotion to get duel newsletter sign ups. Great idea.

  • collin248

    I love how you post follow up to your posts here. I could never read through every article you have here but every time I stop by it seems like I never miss out on the good stuff.

  • Brian Haugen

    Giving a shout-out in each other’s email or social channels are definitely great ways to gain a following for small businesses. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve also noticed businesses putting their email opt-in in their Facebook Page’s sidebar, rather in another tab, recently. Great idea for more visibility!
    Brian Bierbaum at Priority Integrated Marketing has five more tips for growing your email list (that you probably haven’t considered) here:

  • Brian S. Pauls

    We have featured business partners in our email newsletter on several occasions. I have always felt it was an effective way to build good-will, as well as to expand our relevance to our customers.
    Your suggestions, and the Satya Jewelry/Buddha Nose example, show how this sort of thing can be systematized, which is always the key to reliable business success.

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