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Published on April 8th, 2010 | by VerticalResponse


The New Wizard’s Drag and Drop Formatting

If you start creating an email marketing campaign in VerticalResponse’s New Wizard tool one of the first things you can do is add different types of content blocks. Currently we have blocks for the following:

Picture 49

  • Text
  • Heading Text
  • Article with an Image
  • Article
  • Horizontal Line

With Drag and Drop Formatting you can move these content blocks around by using your mouse to pick up a content block, drag it within your email, and drop or insert it exactly where you want it.

This allows you to manipulate the layout and design your email however you would like it all without any need for HTML knowledge.

Drag and Drop Formatting also allows you to see the changes as they happen – so if you decide you don’t like where you put a content block – simply drag and drop it back or to a new location.

Once you have started to use this Drag and Drop Formatting we are confident you will have ideas for new content blocks. If you already have one, write a comment on this blog post, we want to know it! We are very excited to create more to make it easier for you to design your next email.

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