Each month the team at VR publishes a new guide focused on email marketing, social media and other topics to help our customers learn new skills and maximize their marketing potential. Last year these marketing guides were downloaded over 30,000 times by our fans and followers, and they’re still hungry for more!

Here are our Top 10 most downloaded guides for your enjoyment:

  1. 5 Steps to a Successful Email Newsletter
  2. Savvy Subject Lines
  3. 5 Truths About Email Marketing
  4. 5 Step Marketing Plan
  5. 8 Giant Reasons to Use Email Marketing
  6. 5 Simple Ways to Go Green with Your Business
  7. Event Marketing for Your Business
  8. 10 Email Creation Tips
  9. 9 Hour Marketing Guide
  10. 15 Postcard Tips & Tricks

What other guides or information would you like to see from the team? Send us your requests and we’ll put it on our list of future guides. Stay tuned for new guides coming soon!

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