If you’re running a small business today, congratulations! You should be proud that you’re  keeping the economy going. You should also give yourself a huge pat on the back for surviving and thriving. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of giving yourself that pat on the back is to apply for industry awards that you could be eligible for.

Why Should You Take Your Time To Apply for Industry Awards?

Great question, because in many cases it takes a bunch of time to answer a lot of questions to win your award. But I will tell you, it can work well to help grow your business. Many times awards are judged by a third party who validates that what you do is worthy of an award, and ensures that what you provide meets their requirements. So who are they to judge? Well they may be your peers in your industry, they may be your customers and they may be leaders of your industry association. Either way, it’s the validation that counts. Why?

  • Your customers like to be associated with a winning company.
  • When prospects see that you’ve won an award it could sway them to you instead of your competition because they may get a sense that you are a “real” and “quality” entity.
  • People that visit your business see your awards on your front door and on your website. This lends credibility to your biz.
  • Winning awards can improve employee morale. Employees like to thump their chests and tell customers why you won a particular award. If they’re selling your product, it makes their job easier because of this “stamp of approval”.
  • Awards can get you quality employees. If you’re voted as having quality products, a quality site or storefront, people are drawn to this because they want to work for the winner.

How Should You Market Your Awards?

Make them prominent in your business – Whether you have cubicle farm or a retail store, make sure that your employees and customers see your awards by framing them, displaying them on a stand or a sticker on your window. It doesn’t have to be hokey, just prominent.

“Award-Winning” – You can include these words in your brochures, your site and any press you do that you have an “award-winning” company. Be proud!

Use Award Logos – Use the logos in your online advertising, put them on your direct mail pieces, include them on your business cards, display them on your home page, and include them in your bio or on your about page. The more prominent you make them the better you’ll look.

Press Release – Announce to the world that you’ve won your award. Then make sure you publish the news out to social media outlets like Twitter & Facebook.

Email Marketing – Include the logos and the story about your award in your newsletters.

Awards are a way to gain recognition for you, your business and your website. They bring prestige and more traffic to you, and they enhance your credibility as a business. Check out your industry award possibilities today.

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