You wanted a simple integration with your QuickBooks account? You got it!

You know you deliver professional looking email marketing, postcards and online survey campaigns, with VerticalResponse, an intuitive and affordable web-based marketing solution. Now we’re making it even easier for you to grow your business.

Tired of downloading your data from QuickBooks and uploading it into VerticalResponse? Now with the Intuit Workplace, you can create an account and  easily transfer your QuickBooks Customer data with standard fields into your VerticalResponse account. Watch the videos for step-by-step instructions.

Already an existing VerticalResponse User?

If you already have a VerticalResponse account, all you need now is to install the VerticalResponse for Intuit Workplace app into your Workplace account and set it up to use your QuickBooks data.

Installing VerticalResponse for Intuit Workplace – You Only Have to Do This Once!

1. Go to the VerticalResponse for Intuit Workplace Application
2. Click on the “Signup Now” link that will take you to the Workplace login page. If you haven’t yet, create a Workplace account now. It takes just a minute.
3. Once logged in to the Workplace, you’ll be asked to “Choose a Subscription Plan”. Select “Free Trial” and click on “Next”.


4. When you’ve agreed to the Terms Of Service, click on “Subscribe”.


5. From the Confirmation page, click on “Go to this application”.

Setting Up Your App To Use QuickBooks data

1. You’ll be asked if you’d like to use your QuickBooks data. Go ahead and select “Use QuickBooks Data” and click on “Next”.
2. A Java installer will download the Workplace Sync plugin and install it on to your PC (Sorry not available for Mac). Depending on the number of records you have in your QuickBooks Company file, it may take Intuit a while to sync your QuickBooks data in to the Workplace. i.e. 1000 records takes about 15 minutes.  Download  Workplace Sync FAQ Document


3. Once you’ve completed installing the Workplace Sync app, go ahead and proceed to the VerticalResponse for Intuit Workplace app.
4. Enter your VerticalResponse password and you’re ready to mail to your QuickBooks customers. Make sure you bring over your data often so you’ll always have an up-to-date list in your VerticalResponse account.

* For security purpose, you’ll only need to enter your password the first time you access your account through the integration.
* Works with QuickBooks: QuickBooks 2008, 2009 (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

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