If you’re a business looking to hire new peeps you, like us, probably head to Linkedin to find that oh-so-right person. You look to see if they fit the bill, they have the proper Skills & Expertise, they maybe they have a few well-written Recommendations and maybe they are part of all the cool groups you’d like them to be a part of. But now you have a new score to review, “Linkedin Endorsements.” As TechCrunch put it: “…a more lightweight way to recommend people and specifically, their skills…”

When you log into your own Linkedin profile, you’ll see a box with a few of your connections with their “Skills & Expertise” listed. You can accept that you agree with them, or add new ones, so it’s a cool way to gamify Recommendations.

Linkedin endorsements

As long as you’re aware how easy it is if you’re looking for that team member, make sure you consider everything they have to offer, and don’t put a huge weight on Linkedin Endorsements in our opinion, for now anyway.

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