US Bloggers: 2008-2013US Blog Readers: 2008-2013

In a recent article from eMarketer, 27.9 million US Internet users have a blog they update at least once per month, and they represent 14% of the Internet population. By 2013, 37.6 million users will update their blogs at least monthly.

“Blogs are now mainstream media,” said Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati.  “You’re also seeing mainstream media coming in the other direction by adding blog content.”

Even more importantly, eMarketer estimates that in 2009 96.6 million US Internet users will read a blog at least once per month. By 2013, 128.2 million people, or 58% of all US users, will do the same.

And blogs and email go hand in hand. At VerticalResponse we send our bi-monthly email newsletter with excerpts from the blog. Then we direct our users to the blog for more information and how-to’s. It’s been wildly successful.

If you don’t know what a blog is or why your business needs one, you HAVE to read “What is a Blog and Why Should You Have One” to really understand what the benefits are for your business. Also check out our blog tags for all types of hints. You’ll find a few nice winery blogs here.

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