In January of 2010 we launched our current social sharing features with much fanfare and excitement. But even when this set of social features went live, we knew we’d soon revisit the concept of “sharing” and integrating with social media platforms. Well, friends, that day is here.

A little over a year after our initial social sharing features went live we’re happy to announce that the next generation of VR’s social media offerings are just around the corner. We took your feedback, coupled it with some new and exciting technologies, stirred in a little secret sauce, and came up with something we think you’re really going to like.

Check Out the New Features! (drum roll, please…)

1) We’re making it drop dead simple to include social sharing icons in your emails so your recipients can share your content with their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social networks:


We will offer two ways to do this in each editor. The first one is to toggle the feature on/off at the top of your email:


Or, if you want to get fancy, you can place the three icons wherever you want within your email (the merge tag automatically converts to the three sharing icons when you preview or launch the email):

2) On top of that we’re making it even easier for you to share your email content automatically on both your personal Facebook profile and your business’ Facebook Page(s), as well as on Twitter, when you launch your email. We’re especially excited to use Facebook’s new Open Graph API which allows us to connect to all the pages you control within Facebook with a given login. This means when you launch your email your content goes to all the places you select at once.


3) Now you’ll be able to track the social activity of your content! You’ll know when someone “Likes,” “Shares,” or “Tweets” your email content, and you’ll be able to see how popular (or “viral”) your content is once it is shared on the social networks. Nifty, right?


So you’re probably saying, “yeah, that sounds great – WHEN CAN I USE IT?!?!” Currently we’re targeting Q2 of this year for wide release of these new features. So, “soon!” is the answer. We’ll let you know more as we get closer to the release.

This stuff is on its way, but to carry on the excitement we have even more in the works. A lot more. So stay tuned, VR friends. Your world is about to get even more social.

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