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Breaking Up…With Customers

Column by Janine Popick, "Female CEOs July 24, 2009 Here at VerticalResponse, because of the nature of our low-cost, easy-to-use e-mail marketing solution, we tend to cater to a lot of small businesses. We have a pretty low risk product with a free online trial. Because of this, we attract all walks of life on the business front from the mom and pop shop, to a company that has 500 employees and umpteen thousand customers. Over the course of the eight years we've been in business, we've had to "break up" with a bunch of customers for various reasons, and you know what I've come to terms with? It’s OK. Not every customer is right for every business.

Leadership Tactics: Brute Force vs. Consensus

Column by Janine Popick, "Female CEOs July 16, 2009 I was watching one of my favorite movies, The Bourne Ultimatum starring Matt Damon. I think I probably have seen this movie about 10 times and not just because Damon is a cutie. On this 10th time, I started watching and listening more intently at certain aspects of how women and men react differently in certain situations. What I discovered was that there seemed to be direct correlations between the movie and the real business world. First, let’s take a look at the character Pamela Landy, a Deputy Director for the CIA. She was brought in to "quarterback" for Noah Vosen, a rogue government agent who had his sight set on being the leader of the next big agency. Their mission was to capture an ex-agent (Jason Bourne) who had amnesia and had been on the run from the government (who initially trained him) for the past two movies.

When Business Gets Emotional

Column by Janine Popick, "Female CEOs June 25, 2009 I have been in countless business situations and discussions where emotions tend to take over and we end up harboring some sort of resentment towards the other party. "Remember when Sally told me that I could be doing a better job? Even though she’s my boss, I’ll never forget that." Conversations like this happen all the time and in general, it’s likely a woman talking. I am so jealous that men seem to be able to air their dirty laundry and just move on, in business and outside of business. It drives me nuts!

Dealing with Office Gender Dynamics

Column by Janine Popick, "Female CEOs June 19, 2009 It doesn’t matter if you’re in fashion or you’re in law, working in an environment where there are a lot of women can be either really fun, or an incredible challenge. In the early years at my company VerticalResponse, we used to have a lot of women in the office, though now we’ve evened out for the most part. One thing’s for sure, where there were a lot of women, there are some recurring ‘characters;’ that pop up over and over again. Here are some of the personas we’ve experienced, that you might identify with within your own company:

It’s OK to Run a Company Without an MBA

Column by Janine Popick, "Women in Business May 29, 2009 I’ve met many women who are truly amazing leaders. I’ve followed many women who are top-notch and have amazing degrees. One of my best friends has a Masters degree in HR, and two others have their PhDs; one in metallurgical sciences and one in statistics. They are truly brilliant women.

The Power of the Apology

Column by Janine Popick, "Women in Business May 21, 2009 I’ve worked for a bunch of companies spanning from New York to the Bay Area, both large and small. I have noticed in all of these companies that women apologize in our everyday language--me included. I’ve had times where a woman will walk into my office with a pre-scheduled meeting, and sheepishly say, "Sorry, is now still a good time?" I cannot remember a single time when I had a scheduled meeting with a guy who did that.

A Mother's Day Tribute to Women in Business

Column by Janine Popick, "Women in Business May 8, 2009 Earlier this year, my company VerticalResponse signed on as the lead sponsor for StartupNation’s "Leading Moms in Business" competition, because let’s face it, being a woman in business presents its own hurdles. Hence this column. Add kids, and there’s a whole host of other challenges women face. So, hats off to the 200 women selected – and Happy Mother’s Day!

How to Get Heard in a Meeting Full of Men

Column by Janine Popick, "Women in Business August 2008 There you are, one of two women in a meeting room full of men, or perhaps in a loud bar one woman among four other men -- trying, trying hard to get a word in edgewise. You try to speak, but Mike won’t stop talking. He’s got to get to the end of his sentence because he started one. He’s got a goal, and it’s to put the period at the end of the entire paragraph. You’ve got no chance.

Best Practices for Designing a Survey

In a perfect world, you’d know exactly what your customers want and could serve it right up to them without hesitation. Unfortunately, things don’t quite work this way, so you’ve got to use the tools you have available to find out more about your customers. And there’s no better tool for this purpose than a survey.

10 Marketing Resolutions for 2008

It's that time of year again when we all list our New Years resolutions. Lose 10 lbs, get to work early, call your Mom every week. We know, we all have them. Sometimes they seem too hard, even though we know we should. Here is a list of 10 achievable resolutions all businesses should focus on in the New Year, if you're not already ahead of the game. If you are, consider yourself a pro and do everything 20% better!


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