FAQ : Non Profit Marketing

How can I market my non-profit business affordably?
Non-profit businesses are challenged with keeping a close eye on their budget. Traditional marketing methods such as print advertising are expensive, making it unaffordable for many non-profit companies. One of the most affordable tactics included in non-profit marketing plans is email marketing. With non-profit email marketing, you can reach each one of your supporters for just pennies per email.
How can I use email marketing for my non-profit?
Non-profits that have customers who would like to hear from them on a regular basis can easily promote fundraising events, share newsletters and solicit donations through email marketing for non-profits. If you're a registered 501c3 organization, you'll receive 10,000 free email credits a month.
Free? Did I read that right, "free email marketing"?
Yes, we offer 10,000 free email credits per month to registered 501c3 companies. Learn more about our free email marketing for non-profits.
What are types of email messaging my non-profit can send?
With a non-profit email marketing account, you can send newsletters, announcements, invitations and even sell event tickets.
Where can I sign up for this magical free email marketing for non-profits?
Registered 501c3 organizations can apply here for free email marketing.