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Easy-to-use editor

Email marketing is painless. Follow a few guided and simple steps to create, send and track your own professional email campaigns.


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Send a campaign in minutes by choosing a customizable template. Make it your own with our easy-to-use email editor. No design or coding skills needed.


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With content blocks, add rows of new content elements, move them up and down, and swap content from left to right. No other service offers a design this flexible.


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Email marketing features

Free images & graphics

Enhance your email’s appearance with free images and graphics from our library. Easily edit images within our app.

Welcome emails

Make a great first impression with a welcome email that’s automatically sent to people who sign up.

  • Our email editor provides the most flexibility in design with a content block approach rather than a drag-and-drop methodology. With content blocks you can easily add rows of new content elements, move them up and down, and swap content from left to right. With content blocks you can also set the padding or amount of white space between elements, giving your content the room it needs. In addition, free graphics are available in our image library. Neither MailChimp nor Constant Contact offers any of these features.
  • Content blocks are literally the building blocks of your emails, allowing you to add content to them. This content includes things like text, images, images + text, columns, buttons, dividing lines and social media icons. Once you've inserted a content block into an email, you can move it up and down, change the background color, move items within it from side to side, copy it, or delete it.
  • Using content blocks allows you much more flexibility in the look and feel of your email. With a drag-and-drop editor, you are locked into content fitting into a certain section within a pre-defined template. This approach offers very little flexibility in changing the overall design or layout of the email. With content blocks, you have the freedom to make more changes to the layout and individual design components. For example, you can change the amount of padding or white space between the content blocks. You can also change the individual background color of a particular content block row.
  • Yes. VerticalResponse is flexible enough so you have the option of uploading your own HTML code instead of using our free templates. The choice is yours.
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