5 Secrets to Building Local PR Buzz

marketing guide- 5 Secrets to Building Local PR BUzz

If you're a small business, often the best opportunities to build awareness about your product or service is through the local media.

For one, getting on your local paper's radar is a lot easier than trying to get Oprah on the phone. Plus, your city or town is probably where your first – and most loyal – customers are. (In other words, you've got people who can do a lot of the talking for you.) And as a local business, you're a lot more relevant in the eyes of the press than your out-of-town competitors.

And here's a little PR secret: Many times, being known and talked about in the community can filter up and catch the attention of the big media guys – after all, you've already established some street cred. Here are five secrets to generating some homegrown publicity for your business...