Marketing Infographics

Copywriting Cheat Sheet - How to Write for: Email vs. Social Media vs. the Web

When it comes to copywriting, using the same text, voice, tone, and length doesn't fly across every marketing channel or platform. The way you write for a blog or an email promotion isn't going to be the same for a Facebook post, or a tweet. So how do you hit the mark and engage your customers with the best copy? Grab our copywriting cheat sheet and get writing!

How Much Do Non-Profits Invest on Social Media?

Non-profits depend on donations for funding, so they need to be super efficient with their time and budgets. So how much do non-profits invest in social media, and is it growing? We surveyed more than 100 of our non-profit customers to find out.

Holiday 2012 - Spending and Promotions

With nearly $586 billion predicted to be spent over the 2012 holiday season, we thought it would be fun to create a Holiday Spending & Promotion infographic using data from the NRF study and our own email and social media marketing know-how to help you understand the flurry of holiday spending and how to capitalize on it for your business.

How To Create A Winning Email Marketing Campaign

Make your email stand out from an inbox that receives an average of 112 emails per day

How Much Time, Money do Small Businesses Spend on Social Media?

Results of a survey of almost 500 of our small business customers on how much time and money they spend on social media