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Case Study: Restylers’ Choice


Restylers’ Choice is a full-service distributor and manufacturer of pin striping, graphics and automotive accessories. They are the largest national distributor of pin striping and graphics, as well as a leader in chrome accessories, painted spoilers, rear window graphics, and large format digital printing and vehicle wraps.


For years, the team at Restylers’ Choice did not have a way to easily manage, update or organize their single list of email addresses. Instead, they had to enlist the help of the company’s owner, Doug Jacobs, to export contacts from their existing system and then manually remove duplicate or invalid email addresses before uploading the final mailing list.

Maintaining their email subscriber list wasn’t the only challenge. Restylers’ Choice depended on newsletter templates built using Microsoft Word’s mail merge feature, which was incredibly time-consuming. Additionally, email campaign tracking and reporting were virtually non-existent – once an email newsletter was sent, there was no way of tracking their readers’ responses or interest.


Restylers’ Choice was introduced to VerticalResponse through VerticalResponse’s integration with aACE, a business management software solution for accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). VerticalResponse powers the email marketing tools within aACE’s CRM offering, enabling aACE’s customers – such as Restylers’ Choice – to launch email marketing campaigns as part of their CRM efforts.

“The problem for businesses seeking to expand their marketing efforts is simply this: Software that’s good at managing orders isn’t good at managing email marketing, and vice versa,” says Michael Bethuy, aACE Software CEO. “By seamlessly connecting aACE with VerticalResponse, we are able to provide our mutual customers with the best of both worlds: A solution with a much greater overall value than the sum of its parts.”


Thanks to the integration between VerticalResponse and aACE, Restylers’ Choice is not only able to compile precise lists of customers segmented by their purchasing history and product interest, but can seamlessly upload those contacts and manage any number of email campaigns. Furthermore, using VerticalResponse’s campaign tracking and metrics, the team is able to easily gauge the success of every email campaign. And with advanced reporting tools, including information on who opens an email, when they open it, what they click on and how the email campaign translates to incoming revenue, Restylers’ Choice is able to see exactly what works and what does not.

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