Email Design

Knowing you should be using email marketing is great first step, to ensure your email looks good and works well for all your recipients, check out these free webinars and guide.

This bundle includes: HTML Tips for Designing Your Email guide, Email Design for Mobiles and Tablets webinar and Using Images in Emails webinar.

HTML Tips for Designing Your Email

This guide was created with our more advanced users in mind, those who prefer to use our Freeform email editor to create their emails and are comfortable writing HTML. Before we get to the tips, the most important thing to keep in mind when you are designing HTML for emails is that emails are not websites. Remember the Prince song "1999"? Today we are going to code like its 1999. Yep, email programs are still living in the past and are not as sophisticated as browsers, so keep your code simple...

Email Design for Mobiles and Tablets

In this tech savvy world, its getting harder to know what you should use in emails to make sure people reading them on all kinds of devices can still see your email. This webinar will show you some basic tips to keep in mind when designing your emails so that everyone can get the most out of them.

Using Images in Emails

Learn the ins and outs of using images in your emails, including sizes to use in emails, using Alt text, and creating an email from an image. Join our marketing team members as we dive into some email creation specifics!