List Management

Growing your email marketing list is an on-going process. These free webinars and guide will show how to grow your list and manage it.

This bundle includes: List segmentation guide, "Grow Your Mailing List" webinar and "List Best Practices" webinar.

List Segmentation: Create Targeted Lists

What is List Segmentation? The List Segmentation feature enables you to create new, unique mailing lists from the data found on your existing mailing lists, and the results of your sent email campaigns. You can "slice & dice" your data to create new targeted mailing lists based on the specific criteria that you set...

Grow Your Mailing List!

How do I bulid an email list? This is one of the most common questions we get at VerticalResponse. In this webinar we will discuss how to build your list and help you engage, connect and build strong relationships with your customers.

List Best Practices

From opt-in to unsubscribe and everything in between! Join us as we go through best practices for the list system of your account.

Come and learn:

  • Bounce and unsubscribe management
  • Using segmentation
  • Tips and tricks to make managing your lists easier.