Quick Start Email Marketing

Ready to get started with email marketing? Our free webinars will help you craft a newsletter that will work for your business and your customers. Plus our free guide will help make sure you have your email set up for success.

This bundle includes: "8 Email Marketing Basics Guide" guide, "Subject Line Savvy" webinar and "Creating a Significant Newsletter" webinar.

8 Email Marketing Basics to Remember

With email constantly evolving, it's only natural to leave the basics of email in the dust without even realizing it. However, remembering the basics is key to effectively building relationships with your customers. By paying close attention to the from label, subject line, pre-header and headline texts, plus incorporating name personalization, images and call-to-action buttons into your email, you will successfully engage your customers...

Subject Line Savvy

Wondering how to get more out of your email marketing? Join VerticalResponse marketing team members for 30 minutes as they cover why subject lines are so important and the do's and don'ts of creating effective ones. They will even have some great suggestions to help get you started creating your own savvy subject lines.

Creating a Significant Email Newsletter

Want to resonate with your audience? Keep them up-to- date, informed and engaged with an e-newsletter. Learn the specifics of creating a successful e-newsletter from content, style, format, reporting, and the differences between promotional vs. valuable content marketing.