Social Networks Beyond Twitter and Facebook

If you've got a good handle on using Facebook and Twitter learn about other social networks that can drive business to your website. These free webinars will help you master Google Places, Pinterest and Instagram for your business.

This bundle includes: "Instagram" webinar, "The Power of Google Places" webinar and "Pinterest" webinar.

Capture Attention with Instagram

We always encourage our customers to use images in their marketing for better engagement. How about taking those images to a fun and interesting space using Instagram! Join VR Marketing team members as we take you through getting started with Instagram and learn what you need to use this system and how to use the images once you have them.

The Power of Google Places

A place page is one of the most valuable marketing tools a local business can have. If your place pages aren't set up and optimized properly, then your competitors are getting in front of your customers. In this webinar, Local SEO will walk you through tips and tricks that you can put into action immediately to start ranking higher.

Pinterest For Your Business

We've talked about different social media platforms that can benefit your business, now its time for Pinterest. This new, but very fast growing social platform has everyone talking, and pinning! Come learn how to use this visual tool to grow your small business.