Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Once you have a plan for marketing your business through email and social media, take your marketing to the next level! Learn how Lifecycle marketing and great promos can help gain new customers and retain the ones you already have.

This bundle includes: Lifecycle Email Marketing Program guide, Lifecycle Marketing webinar and Killer Promo Campaigns webinar.

Creating a Lifecycle Email Marketing Program

What are examples of Lifecycle Marketing segments? There is no one size fits all Lifecycle Marketing formula. Lifecycle Marketing can be thought of as more of a strategy for communicating with your recipients to encourage a desired behavior. It's best to develop a program that works appropriately for your business and the types of individuals with whom you're communicating...

Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing focuses on the entire customer lifecycle, from their first interest in your company to their becoming an advocate for your business. Join VR marketing team members and learn the phases of your customers and how to keep in touch with them throughout their lifecycle.

Killer Promo Campaigns

Promotions are an excellent way of boosting sales over a short amount of time by offering something exceptional to your target audience. As a small business, we realize you might not have the budget to hire a top ad agency and get millions of impressions, nor is it easy to have your campaign become the latest viral sensation, but all it takes is a few simple steps to craft a killer promo campaign and meet your revenue goals.