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You do it weekly, monthly, daily, however often it is, you are racking your brain for content in a timely fashion. We know, we do it here too. So spend time being creative, don’t let the problem be clumsy or expensive email marketing tools that either waste your time or worse yet, don’t get your content delivered.

VerticalResponse is easy to use, so it frees up your creative thought process and enables you to get writing! Better yet, since our delivery rates are so high you need not worry about your content getting into the inbox.

Our wizard-based system enables even the most non-technical user to create and send professional looking newsletters. Then view your reporting so you can see who is clicking on your links and who isn’t. A bit big-brotherish but we like that feature.

What are you waiting for? Oh, did we mention our FREE opt-in form builder? Yes, that’s right FREE. Unlike those “other” email service providers that charge you monthly to host your data, whether you email or not (gasp!) VerticalResponse provides that absolutely free so you won’t get penalized for someone signing up to your newsletter.

Thousands of businesses rely on VerticalResponse to publish and deliver their newsletters, why not try us out and see why?