Grow Your List with Opt-In Forms

Email marketing is most effective when your subscribers request to hear from you. We’ve made it easy for you to create and add custom opt-in forms that allow you to collect names, emails and more of people visiting your website, Facebook page or blog.

Collect Valuable Customer Information

Include as many, or as few fields (from first name to favorite TV show), as you want in your opt-in forms so you get all the details you desire to know about your customers. You can then use that information to send them more relevant communications that will increase your response.

Stay Up To Speed

Want to find out who all these interested and engaged people are? Get in the know with sign-up alerts and receive automatic alerts when new subscribers sign up to receive emails from you.

We Update Your List For You

All the information from your opt-in forms is automatically loaded into your VerticalResponse account so your lists are always up to date and accurate.