FAQs: Social Media Marketing

Q: I have a Facebook page, but I'm new to social media marketing, how do I get started?

Getting started with social marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming. Just like sending emails, you'll want to post on a regular basis and keep the content interesting for your followers. Make your Facebook Page a reflection of your business branding and then start posting relevant and useful information.

    Ideas for posts:
  • Photos of products or events you've hosted
  • Coupons or sales
  • Hosted link for your email
  • Interactive questions - What's your favorite part of back-to-school? What fun plans do you have for the weekend? - questions that people can respond to
  • Tips or tricks for your product or service

The more you post, and post useful information, the more loyal your followers will be. Check out the VerticalResponse Marketing blog for more great tips to use social media.

Q: What social media networks should I be using for my business?

There are hundreds of social media programs out there but you don't have to be on all of them. Assess what you're looking for in a social media program and where your customers are, then pick 2-3 and start building from there. Since most people and businesses are on Facebook, that should be a good place to start. Then think about your audience and see where they are, is it Twitter? Pinterest? FourSquare? LinkedIn? You can test each one and take a look at the response you get, or you can send a survey to your current customer base and find out where they would most like see your business.

Q: How do I add a Facebook and/or Twitter "like" button to an email?

You can add a social Like button to your email just as you would any image. Some templates already have these buttons built in, or you can add your own. Each social media program has a page where you can download their icons, or you can do a search online. Then, just add the image to your email as you would any other image and then link to your Facebook or Twitter page.

Q: How do I schedule posts for social media?

Everyone has lots to do, especially when running a small business. Scheduling your social media posts ahead of time is a great way to save some time and energy. There are programs out there than can help you schedule posts, VerticalResponse Social is one. With VR Social you can set up posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in one step and schedule them to go out when you like. We also include a content library so you don't have to come up with all the post ideas yourself. Plus, once you've posted you can track the engagement level of your followers so that you can continue to give them what they are looking for.

Q: How do I add an opt-in form to our Facebook page?

Using social media to help grow your email list is a great idea. It's pretty easy to do, you'll need to add a Static HTML tab to your page, copy your opt-in form code to the box they provide and they'll walk you through the rest. Once you've set up the tab you can edit both the name of the tab and the icon used by clicking on the pencil icon for that tab. There is more info here.

Q: How often should you post or tweet per day?

How often you post will depend on the social program you are using and what your recipients expect when they start following your business. Twitter, for example, is fast moving so you'll want to have at least a couple of tweets per day, while on Facebook you may only post once per day or even a few times per week. You need to keep in mind that new posts will be near the top of your followers news stream, making it easier for them to interact with your business. Much like figuring out how often to send emails, you may want test how many times you post to social media in a week. Check the engagement of your followers and see if you have more or less interaction based on the number of posts you've added.

Q: What kinds of information should I post on social media?

You want your social media pages to relevant and useful information that encourages engagement in your followers. Create a community with posts that get your followers commenting and talking.

  • Ideas for posts:
  • Photos of products or events you've hosted
  • Coupons or sales
  • Hosted link for your email
  • Interactive questions - What's your favorite part of back-to-school? What fun plans do you have for the weekend? - questions that people can respond to
  • Tips or tricks for using your product or service

Q: How do I know if my followers are interested in what I post?

There are programs that can rate the interaction your followers have with you on social media, and Facebook includes that type of information with Insights. VR Social can give you this type of information for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts. We'll show you how many comments, likes and shares your posts get for each social program you posted to and give you engagement levels. Plus, you're able to answer any comments through your VR account, no need to log into each program to answer questions or comments.

Q: Can I track my social media posts for the different social programs out there?

Yes! VR social (among others) will allow you track how your followers are interacting with your posts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You'll see how many comments, likes and shares your post gets on all three social programs and give you engagement levels for them as well.

Q: Can custom social media buttons be created for all social apps? Are there tools for this?

You can create customized buttons if you like, or you can search on-line for buttons that match your branding. There are various companies that could do this for you, for a fee, or you may find some that have already been set up. If you have a creative team in your company they can create buttons that match or go with the branding for your business. The social sites, like Facebook or Twitter, also have buttons you can use, just search for the one you need and the page will come up.

Q: Do you know of a social tool where you can schedule posts on Facebook including images? We often have trouble scheduling for FB and aren't able to attach images or links in advance.

VerticalResponse Social will allow you to do both of these, right from your VR account. Your posts can go out now or you can schedule them to go out when you like. And you can use images or links for your scheduled posts. Plus, with Clipper, you can save links from articles you like to use in posts later. For more info on how to get started, click here.

Q: Is there a way to pull status updates from your company Facebook page, like you can with Twitter?

There are tools out there can help you collect stats for your social posts, including ones like Insights, built into Facebook. VerticalResponse social also gives you engagement levels for your posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and also allows you to respond to any comments on your posts. We have more info here.

Q: How should an organization deal with spammers/harassers commenting on posts over and over with negative/irrelevant subjects. Should we flag as spam, or just ignore and let them continue?

This is a question that comes up a lot once you start posting to social media. You want to stay pretty transparent with how you deal with posts on social media, even if you delete something it can still live on in the internet. The best approach is to delete anything that is clearly spam or posts that say hurtful things. But be open with comments, even someone with a different opinion can help spur conversation and interaction on your page.