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Save Time & Create a Survey Using Pre-Built Templates

Save time with simple survey creation. Select one of our 18 pre-built survey templates and hit the ground running. Templates include pre-populated questions such as, “How can we improve your experience?” and “What product improvements would you like us to offer?” And, it's easy for you to edit questions and make changes or add questions you need. You can also easily edit the look & feel of your online survey to represent your business. It’s as simple as dropping in your logo and picking layout options like background colors and questions.

Survey template categories include:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee feedback
  • Organization/event planning
  • Product feedback
  • Sales process
  • Website usage
survey creation

Get Valuable Insights

Categories or areas you can gain insight with online surveys include:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Ask your customers what they thought about your services.
  • Company Insight: Survey your team to identify any improvements you may be able to make for both employees and customers.
  • Evaluate the Competition: Ask what other companies your customers like and what they like about them.

Spread the Word

It’s easy to get the answers you need! Ways to collect feedback include:

  • Post a link to your survey on your website or blog.
  • Include a survey link in transactional emails, like order confirmations and monthly statements.
  • Send an email with a link to your survey and reward participation.
  • Post a link on your company Facebook Page.
  • Tweet a link to your survey on Twitter.