Survey Reporting

survey reporting

Get Instant Insights

Discover your customers' preferences, needs, and desires with surveys. These valuable insights provide you actionable information to make good business decisions.

Get Facts Fast

Like our email marketing reporting, you can view your survey responses in an easy to read, real-time reporting dashboard so you get the facts you need, fast.

Export Data Anywhere

Take your data anywhere! You can export and download your responses in several formats. And, your data is private and secure with VerticalResponse.

View Reports the Way You Want

  • Go Granular: If you want to, you can find out how each and every person answered every question in your survey with individual reports. Then you can address each respondent specifically. It’s all available to you!
  • See a Quick Overview: Or, save time and check out the summary report for a general overview.

Compare Reports

You have the ability to dive into the details and compare questions & answers directly against each other with side-by-side and cross-tab survey reporting features. See how different lists or demographics respond similarly or differently to your questions.

Respond to Feedback Quickly

You don’t have to play the guessing game with your customers. VerticalResponse surveys allow you to set up alerts so you can respond to positive or negative feedback immediately.