You Won a VR500 All-Stars Award for Email Marketing Excellence

Now it's time to get the word out about your achievement.
Below you will find some ways to share your success to your email subscribers, customers, social media, and beyond!

1. Start the Conversation on Social Media

Your Twitter Followers will be happy to hear your good news, and might even share it with their social networks, too! Get the word out with just one step. Simply click the buttons below to share your award on Twitter.

2. Make Your Readers Happy with a Thank You Email

You received this award based on your email marketing excellence, so send your optin subscribers an email touting your award, and thanking them for their readership! Take a screenshot of the badge below and upload it in your email.

3. Get Noticed with a Press Release

Send a pre-written press release and get some easy PR for your business. Click to download.
VerticalResponse 500 All-Stars Press Release Template
Here are some legitimate and affordable press release posting/distribution services:

*Please note that each service has slightly different rules for submitting and formatting a press release, so the template release we've provided may need to be modified.

4. Be Proud and Post a VR500 Badge

Copy the code below and paste it into the HTML for your website or blog. Or, give it to your webmaster - they'll know what to do.