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Published on March 11th, 2016 | by Janine Popick


29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Newsletter

Looking for ways to grow your list of newsletter subscribers? There are a ton of ways to get people to sign up for your weekly or monthly email marketing campaigns. I’ve put together a list for you to read, so you have heaps of options for growing your list.

  1. Include a link to your newsletter sign up form in the main navigation bar of your website and/or blog. (Or better yet, include a sign up form in the main navigation bar).
  2. Create a “sign up” call to action on your Facebook business page.
  3. Create enticing visuals encouraging people to sign up for your list, and post them on social media channels (especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn).
  4. Attend or exhibit at a trade show or networking event and bring a newsletter email sign up clipboard or book. If you’re tech savvy, bring an iPad or mobile device with you. Ask each person you talk with to sign up. Do the same for any business cards you receive.
  5. Include a link to your newsletter sign up form in your personal email signature.
  6. Place a newsletter sign up clipboard next to every register if you have a retail store. Have your employees mention the newsletter and emphasize the benefits (exclusive discounts, events, educational info, reminders, etc.)
  7. Join your local chamber of commerce, email the member list (if it’s opt-in) about your services, and include a link to sign up for your newsletter.
  8. Host your own event. Art galleries, software companies (one here has a party every quarter and invites the neighboring businesses), retail shops, consultants (lunch & learn) can all host an event and request attendees to join your newsletter.
  9. Offer a birthday club, and give something special to those who sign up.
  10. Incentivize your employees. Give them financial rewards for adding new subscribers to the newsletter.
  11. Give something away like samples, a tour, a consultation, a free how-to guide, infographic, how-to video, etc. Have people sign up for your newsletter to qualify.
  12. Get referrals. Ask your customers to encourage friends to sign up. In exchange, give them a discount.
  13. Use Pinterest! Here’s a step-by-step guide to building your email list with Pinterest.
  14. Make and upload videos to YouTube, then include a link at the end of every video directing people to your newsletter sign up form.
  15. Post your sign up form page on LinkedIn and sponsor it.
  16. Send a postcard. Have a list of postal addresses without emails? Send a direct mail offer that can be redeemed when the recipient signs up for your newsletter.
  17. Include a link to the email sign up form in your Twitter business profile description. Here’s how to edit your Twitter profile.
  18. Use a Lightbox. When someone attempts to leave your site, display a lightbox and ask them to sign up.
  19. Include a forward-to-a-friend link in all your emails.
  20. Use a hosted sign up form landing page.
  21. Create a tab on your business Facebook page and include an email sign up form.
  22. Offer “Newsletter only” discounts and mention them on your sign up form page and on social. Don’t use those offers anywhere but in your newsletter.
  23. Ask people over the phone. If people call your business for whatever reason, don’t hang up until you’ve asked if you can add them to your newsletter.
  24. Put a fishbowl on your counter, ask for business cards and permission to sign up for your newsletter, then do a weekly prize giveaway of your product and announce it in your next edition.
  25. Post a photo of an item or an offer to giveaway on Instagram. Then, include a link in your Instagram bio asking people to sign up to participate in the giveaway.
  26. Include a call to action, a link and/or a sign up form at the end of every blog post you write.
  27. Add a link or sign up form in the footer, and/or side bar of your website.
  28. Create a Twitter lead generation card to advertise and gain sign ups for your email newsletter.
  29. Include a link or sign up form on your company’s “about us” page.

Bonus: Optimize your site for appropriate SEO keywords, and ensure your business is on appropriate online listings. You want to appear at the top of organic search results when people are looking for your products or services. This will help get your business and your newsletter sign up form found.

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Need more ideas for your next email? Check out our list of 50 email ideas.

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Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in September 2009 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and relevance.

© 2016, Janine Popick. All rights reserved.

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42 Responses to 29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Newsletter

  1. Johann Picard says:

    Another way is to simply post a link to your website on comment sections on blogs like these and hope someone clicks on it, like I’m doing now

  2. Bravium Host says:

    Olá, tudo bem ?

    Gostaria de lhe falar sobre um problema que ocorre com muitas empresas no mercado atual. Trata-se da sua ausência na internet, isso hoje em dia é fundamental para qualquer negócio.

    E o pior, há empresas que tem site, mas com servidores ruins e com isso são penalizadas pelos mecanismos de busca, desta maneira não obteem sucesso.

    acesse nosso site e conheça o que há de melhor em hospedagens de sites apartir de 12,90.

  3. kenny says:

    earn more with this traffics….

  4. Ann Fresta says:

    Cool, there are some excellent ideas on here that my readers might find this relevant, I’ll email them a link. Thanks

  5. thanks for sharing! Very interesting article, I will give a try #7 and #13

  6. Funny how good content lives for so long. I found this on Stumble Upon this morning and noticed it had been up for a while.

    One strategy that I have adopted is to use the “about” area on all of my social media profiles to invite people to our free eCourse. The same can be done for sending people to free downloads, etc. and it’s a great way to not have same old boring “about me” info.

  7. M.Akram says:

    Great Information,

  8. Project Tracking Software says:

    Yeah, ultimately its all about the opt-in emails that we get from whatever campaigns or actions we take.

  9. Jill says:

    Great suggestions.

  10. Donne Milano says:

    Very interesting article…thanks for sharing!

  11. Ghani says:

    its a hard work to built a list with authrity your tips is flashing the mind to how much important email list to marketing and how difficuilt to do it legally

  12. Jason says:

    I particularly like the idea of item #9 to write a free PDF ebook to offer valuable contents to visitors.

  13. Neil Corman says:

    Nice list of suggestions which I am going to look into.
    Each November I do a project of photographing each day and posting on my blog. For about 40 days after that project I ask for people to vote on their favorites and I also ask them to opt in for receiving a newsletter which some of the voters do each year.

  14. Vic says:

    I’ve been struggling on collecting email addresses for my marketing campaign. But I’m sure this list of tips will help me finally get success. Thanks.

  15. Chad Tabary says:

    Great pointers! Thumbed up 😉

  16. Teddy Bear says:

    Great information there – thanks. I particularly like the fact that you have addressed the facebook side of things too.

  17. Gilberto Galea says:

    Excellent suggest!, I’ll implement some (like 1 and 13)

  18. Christian politics says:

    Great advice. I’ve got the most mileage from giving away a PDF and changing the offer monthly.

  19. Peg says:

    Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. Didn’t really know how to go about getting a list going outside the normal ways.

  20. Mark says:

    Great suggestions – plan to implement a number of them right away! Thanks for the valuable tips.

  21. Eileen Hsu says:

    Pretty awesome points. We are working on some of the tips!

  22. Mat Board says:

    What Great Info. I’ve just started my own online presence for my business, but there are some great ideas in the list that I really could do and hadn’t thought of at all.

  23. Currency Trading Software says:

    I`ve allready put opt-in form on my facebook fan page, add as many friend on it and you ready to go

  24. Just stumbled on this list. Love it. Fantastic!!!!

  25. Not on the list, but how about adding a side tab (similar to the “feedback” or “follow us/me” tabs you see around the web today?
    This could be a replacement for option #16, but in a far more visible and attractive way.

  26. I just found this or should I say stumble up on. Thanks for the post.

  27. Matthew White says:

    No way Number 17 is just as good as any other.. You just have to make your offer appealing.. I love this list thanx
    Every item can be as effective as the next.1 – 29 is great

  28. Great list, thank you for at least 6 that I had not thought of.

  29. Petal says:

    I will definitely go after these suggestions. I just added an opt-in link to my email signature. Why had I not thought of that before? It’s so simple. Thanks!

  30. Avraam says:

    Thanks for the great ideas and suggestions! I have just signed up in VR and as a beginner many of my questions were answered.

  31. Jay says:

    Very well organized list. #17 has been out of favor for over 7 years now.

  32. John says:

    Comprehensive list. I’ve started using these in my one on one consultation with my clients.
    There is however one thing that is new in the market that is worth considering to be added to the list – a wireless handheld from Sterizon for collecting email addresses for physical store-fronts businesses (like restaurants, spa etc) instead of paper opt-in cards or fishbowls.
    Yea, #17 may not go well with your online visitors.

  33. Thanks for the suggestions. As the internet gets older we’re coming to realize that interaction with clients is as important online as it is offline.

  34. rick says:

    nice list, but i question how to do #5.
    “Join your local chamber of commerce, email the member list (if it’s opt-in) about your services with a link to sign up to your newsletter.”
    i have asked just about every ESP if we could do this, but they won’t let me send an opt-in email because the recipients did not opt-in previously to my list. are you saying verticalresponse allows this?
    sign me up! and please elaborate.

  35. Jeff Yablon says:

    Nice long list. Now the big question . . . which ones create opt-in names that will actually read your stuff?
    Jeff Yablon
    President & CEO

  36. Deric Glissmeyer says:

    Great list! I used it to measure what we’ve done over the years with our email campaigns and e-marketing. We’ve done nearly 20 of your 29 items!
    Deric Glissmeyer

  37. Just enjoyed your suggestions on how to mine email. However, being a non profit we do not have products nor services to give away to entice someone to give up their email.
    Do yo have suggestions for public charity to start an email campaign, remember we are start-up with hardly a budget or a mailing list to do much of anything so this must be on a shoestring budget, if at all.
    We are about to launch our website next month, but we are listed with Guidestar.
    Ralph Chesley
    Executive Director
    Renewable Energy Enterprise Foundation

  38. Steve says:

    Great tips, I use some of them, but i’ll start using all of them.
    Keep it coming!

  39. Marilynn Bever says:

    BRILLIANT Suggestions – I will be sharing these ideas with my Entrepreneur friends as well as SCORE Chapter #422 – SE MA business counselors.

  40. Matt Saunders says:

    Some good ideas, though I’m sure everybody will disagree with number 17!

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