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The 30 Magic Marketing Words You Should Be Using

Savvy business owners, copywriters, and designers know how language influences emotions and persuades action. Certain words and phrases are time-tested to boost response and conversion rates almost across the board. Of course, different motivating words and phrases work better in different situations, and it’s up to you to figure out which work best for your business. It isn’t all that difficult to figure out, though: If your intuition doesn’t tell you, your customers will. Test the following 30 “magic marketing words” in your next email, social media or blog post, on a direct-mail postcard or website to see which yields the best response.

  1. You – Write as though you’re speaking to the customer and about the customer, not about yourself.
  2. Because – Give customers a reason why they need to take action.
  3. Free – “Because” we all like free things, right?
  4. Value – This implies customers are getting something versus losing something (i.e. money when you say “cost” or “price”).
  5. Guaranteed – Give customers a guarantee to minimize risk perception, so they feel they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  6. Amazing – Customers will respond to something that is incredible.
  7. Easy – Make it simple for customers to take the next step in the purchasing process, and let them know how much easier life will be with your product or service.
  8. Discover – This implies there is something new and unknown to the customer, something that has supreme benefits and gives them an edge.
  9. Act now – Motivate an immediate response with a limited-time offer.
  10. Everything included/everything you need – This establishes that your product or service is all your customers will have to buy in order to achieve their goal.
  11. Never – Point out a “negative benefit,” such as “never worry again” or “never overpay again.”
  12. New – Your product or service is the cutting edge in your industry.
  13. Save – The most powerful word to showcase monetary savings, or even time savings.
  14. Proven – Remind customers that your product, service or business is tried-and-true.
  15. Safe and effective – “Proven” to minimize risk perception for health and monetary loss.
  16. Powerful – Let customers know that your business, product or service is robust.
  17. Real results/guaranteed results – Your customers want results, after all.
  18. Secret – Not everyone succeeds, and there are secrets to success. Let customers know you can reveal those secrets.
  19. The – This implies your solution is the “end-all-be-all.” Consider the difference: “3 Solutions for Marketing Success”/”The 3 Solutions for Marketing Success.”
  20. Instant –Instant access or downloads are more appealing than waiting.
  21. How to – Start off with a solution so customers read the rest of your copy.
  22. Elite –Your customers are among the best in the world. Invite newbies to join a highly desirable club.
  23. Premium – Premium helps denote high quality.
  24. Caused by – If your marketing literature builds a case for your product, transitional phrases such as “caused by,” “therefore,” and “thus” can help reinforce the logic of a purchase.
  25. More – Do you offer more than your competitors? Let your customers know, because they want the best deal, after all.
  26. Bargain – Because customers want a great deal, remember?
  27. No obligation – Create a win-win situation for your customers.
  28. 100% money-back guarantee – Again, no risk.
  29. Huge – A large discount or outstanding offer is difficult to resist.
  30. Wealth – If you’re selling products and services related to money, wealth is a desirable word for customers.

They key to success is to combine these words into phrases that trigger buying behavior. For example: “Get real results instantly – 100% money-back guarantee – act now!” Keep your copy short and sweet, play on emotional triggers with these words and phrases, and you’ll increase your conversion and response rates.

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This post was contributed by Brian Morris, a writer for PsPrint Blog. PsPrint is an online printing company, providing an array of vibrant full-color products, including business cards, brochures, stickers, holiday cards and postcards, as well as time-saving services such as direct-mailing services.

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12 Responses to The 30 Magic Marketing Words You Should Be Using

  1. Jerry says:

    just read King Solomon and apply moderation to everything.

  2. Brian says:

    Great information on marketing. Excellent tips!

  3. At first I felt that the mails will hit spam box with the use of these keywords. But your explanation of ‘Free Shipping’ was great. I am sure gmail, yahoo spam filters are very well evolved to
    understand the sentences and not just get triggered by words.

    Rishikesh Somshetti

  4. Colleen Corkery says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for reading! All of these words are perfectly acceptable to use in an email, and the use of the word “Free,” specifically in your email and email subject line won’t send you to spam all on its own. Yes, it’s a trigger word, but it’s fine to use as long as the rest of your email’s content is useful. “Free Shipping” is one of the most popular/commonly used subject lines, particularly during the holidays, and all of those emails are safely delivered to your inbox. Your email’s content is a large determinant as to whether you’ll be flagged as spam. If you’re making outlandish claims, you have bad URLs, your email’s HTML isn’t clean, and you have unengaged readers, then you’re running the risk of being sent to spam more so than for using the word “free.” Hope that clears things up. Thanks again!



  5. Veronika says:

    As an online marketing professional, I always try to learn and implement something new. This post is full of ideas to use accurate words while speaking with clients and using words online. Thanks

  6. Sandra Cameron says:

    You’ve mentioned spam words in your list. It’s more important NOT to use words like “Free”, for example. Your email will be marked as spam. I actually wouldn’t trust a lot of those words.

  7. Gary Chesnut says:

    Adding to the magic marketing words, in your sales copy/emails……
    “Sell the sizzle, not the steak!”

    What I mean by that is:
    Let the reader know how it will help them….how it will make their
    life easier…how it will save them time……and so on……

    Don’t just tell them what all the “bells and whistles” are. Tell them
    how all those “bells and whistles” will help them.

  8. frances says:

    Caution – overuse of these 30 words renders the message ineffective & unbelievable.

  9. nelsonnigel says:

    this is out wonderful collection, very thoughtful, thank you

  10. That’s a great selection of words Brian, especially the word YOU makes wonders, people love to feel that you are actually talk specifically to them and there is no better way to do that on your copy than using YOU language. Additionally there should always be a call to action so words that make readers think that they should act now always work…

  11. Madeline says:

    Just downloaded the article/blog to my Google Drive.

  12. Jamie Turner says:

    Great list, folks. Glad to see that we could be of some help with it. You’ve added a bunch more words that I think are terrific. Keep up the good work!

    – Jamie Turner

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