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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by Jill Bastian


Want More Sales From Your Email? Think List Management

If you’ve got a biz and you’re using email marketing to get more sales then good for you! Many folks go right to offering discounts or sales. Fab idea for sure, but before you send out your next offer, take a look at your email list. Did we just say email list? You bet! A big opportunity that many businesses miss, is list management. Lots of biz owners think having the biggest list and sending their messages to everyone on it will result in opens, clicks and ultimately, a purchase. But the opposite can be true.

If you’re sending specific information that your readers are looking for, you stand a better chance of getting them to engage with your email, your company and hopefully make that all important purchase (or purchases!). The fire hose approach may result in  some success, but if  you’re sending email messages targeted to the interests, or prior behaviors (such as a past purchase) of those on the lists, you should get better results.

Pretend for a moment you own a winery (yes, we often dream of that too). You can send out an email with general news, special events, sales, etc. This is a good approach for a monthly newsletter. Now, to produce an additional touch point and the opportunity to help drive sales, try creating slices, or segments of the same list based on what varietal the reader likes to drink. Simple and effective. Your winery can now send the monthly newsletter to everyone, plus an additional email later in the month targeted for Pinot Noir lovers on your list. Since the email is specific to the varietal the person likes to drink, the chances are higher they’ll purchase now, or in the future.

In order to target your messages, think about the information you collect when someone signs up for your email list. Your sign up form can collect first name, email address, and maybe last name. But, adding other items of interest related to your company can give you more information to work with when creating and managing lists in the future.

How has list management helped your biz get more sales from your email marketing?

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