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Published on December 7th, 2013 | by Derek Overbey


What’s New Weekly – Amazon Prime Air + Apple Face Recognition [VIDEO]

We’re back with our latest episode of “What’s New Weekly.” In this edition, we chat about a forthcoming delivery service from Amazon called Amazon Prime Air, and we talk about a new patent filed by Apple for face recognition on your iPhone and MacBook.


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3 Responses to What’s New Weekly – Amazon Prime Air + Apple Face Recognition [VIDEO]

  1. George Skee says:

    Sure Derek, it is in the city this thing could excel, by serving thousands in proximity of the base. However think of all the wires, lamp posts and safety of people walking below if the thing falls down.

    One cool alternative to explore could be using Elon Musk’s idea of hyperloop, but smaller tubes for packages. Smaller loops could perhaps be installed in existing infrastructure like sewer tubes, metro tunnels etc. And then there could be kiosks around the city, where you with an app could redirect your package as you walk by. In dense areas it might be viable.

  2. I am leaning your way George for sure. Here in San Francisco I think it would be impossible for the drones to successfully navigate all the buildings. It does get people talking though.

  3. George Skee says:

    I think the drone is mainly a marketing trick. We will not see it in action for years. I blog about it here

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