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Black Friday is right around the corner, but there’s still time to make the most of this holiday retail season. If you haven’t thought about how to go the extra mile for extreme customer satisfaction, now is the time. You’ve got an opportunity in your shipments to make a fantastic impression, so why not include a little something extra, especially in an economy where so many businesses are focused on scaling back? It doesn’t cost you much and this little bit could go a long way in getting your customers to come back again and again.

So here is a list of ideas you can put to work now, and it doesn’t have to be just for the holiday season.

Funky Hat

1. Handwritten Thank You Notes – Gilt does a great job of this and even though it’s not handwritten, it’s a very nice gesture.

2. A Funky Hat – included this very cool hat inside their shipping package along with nifty bottle neckers for you to take tasting notes on.

3. Candy – Who doesn’t love a package of M&Ms or some Jelly Belly’s? Just make sure it won’t melt and ruin the product you’re trying to ship! A great idea I heard from Andy Sernovitz, author of Word Of Mouth Marketing.


4. Samples – Do you sell products that you are able to give smaller samples of? Put samples of other products in the box when you ship. You’re likely to see your customers come back andbuy more from you the next time.

5. Get calendars for next year printed with your logo, url and contact information included.

6. I got a book shipped from Andy Sernovitz, his new one coming out is really great, and in the packaging he included a bookmark with his info printed on it, a smiley face button and packages of yummy bacon salt! It had nothing to do with the book, but it got a group of us talking and tasting!

Bag7. Logo’d Bag – Drawstring backpacks are great for the gym and who isn’t using grocery bags these days? I saw both of them at Branders for about $2. You can’t have enough of these!

8. Post-It Notes – Who doesn’t love them? Have some printed with your information on them. I saw them at 4Imprint for 47¢ each.

9. Fun Games – I once got a package with a whoopie cushion in it! Ok, you don’t have to go that crazy but what about a fun keychain puzzle, temporary tattoo, or a frisbee? It always gets people talking and puts a smile on their faces.

It doesn’t have to cost much to go above and beyond, remember, it’s the thought that counts. What are your ideas for this retail season?

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  • usb sticks werbegeschenke

    Is your $2 logo’d bag can be customized? I am planning to buy those as giveaways for my business promotion.

  • uk troll beads

    Wow very interesting information thank you very much for sharing

  • Fan of Promotional Items for Businesses

    These are some great ideas. I particularly like the ones that relate to the brand or product, like your example of the samples. Other ones that I find really effective are things that have a specific, common use. These make great promotional items for a business.

  • Frank’s Beef Jerky Maker

    A handwritten note is a great idea to include in the packaging.

  • Shawn

    A nice pen is something everyone likes. Also I like to know what’s in the swag packages given to celebrities – a lot of neat stuff in those!

  • cagri

    umm.. cotton yarn bags with your logo on it? maaybeee

  • Louise Rogers

    I had a clear glass mug engraved with our logo and business name. People like it so much they have emailed asking to buy extras.How great is that? I have a good image of it if interested. They are $7.00 but if a customer spends a lot they get rewarded.

  • Tom


    I like the calender idea, at least it would last the whole year!

  • norma

    I have been shipping a lot of eco-friendly water bottles with names or themes lately. I included organic lollipops in the sales receipt and a note saying “Sweetness goes a long way”. My customers just love getting that “something extra”.

  • Jim S.

    I just started including a Cell Phone for Soldiers poly prepaid envelope with each shipment. Available free from (though donations are appreciated).

  • Miguel de la Rocha

    Changes to packaging? In November? For Xmas? Aren’t you cutting it a bit close? Agree about the beef jerk thing though.

  • Eric Rudolf

    Two words for you . . . BEEF JERKY. I also enjoy bribes in the form of gift cards for coffee houses, logoed thumb drives (can never have too many) and e-Book downloads.

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