Do you like to be liked? We do too, but not just by anyone, by people who care, care about their business, care about marketing and care about information we might be able to give them to help them grow.

There are WAY too many companies out there that pay suspect companies for Facebook Likes, but we like to do it the right way; we target market our Facebook page to people who might be interested, and then publish interesting stuff (we think so anyway.)

Try It – Create a Facebook Like Ad for your Page for a Week! Below is a 3.5 minute video of how exactly to go about doing it!

Facebook ads

You won’t go broke, you can limit the amount of money you want to spend. We targeted people to like us without having a website yet but displayed some cool content about our target market while we’re working on a killer technology.

The more people that Like your page the more viewers you’ll have when you post content, which is the important part, especially if their right in your target.

And guess what, we got 1000 Likes in a month. Have you had success with Facebook Likes?

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