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Things look a little different here at VerticalResponse. We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated the app’s interface and design to make email marketing even faster and easier than before. Here are a few of the exciting changes:

Cleaner interface

We’ve streamlined the app’s interface, so you can quickly locate the tools you need to manage your contacts:

verticalresponse messages screen

New action bar

Ready to create an email campaign, social post, Landing Page or Email Automation? Getting started will be simple with the blue action bar. Everything you need to kick off your next project will now be found at the top of the page:

verticalresponse new action bar

(One slight functional change in the new interface is that in the top menu above the blue action bar, “Leads” have been replaced by Forms. Click on Forms to create Pop Ups.)

Updated look

VerticalResponse retains the same functionality you’re familiar with, but with a sleek, modern look:

verticalresponse segment screen

Log in to your VerticalResponse account and check out the changes!

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