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How do you get more Facebook Likes? How do you garner more engagement? How often is too often when posting on the king of social media networks? What are major Facebook no-nos you should seriously avoid? These are all commonly asked questions by businesses big and small. Ask no longer because we’ve put together an infographic addressing what you should or shouldn’t do as a business on Facebook.

How to Compel & Not Repel Customers on Facebook [Infographic]
Courtesy of: VerticalResponse


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  • Rob Parker

    Great infographic! Many are still trying to sell their product. The organization who honestly adds value to their customer’s lives will prevail without having to “hard sell” their product or service. Many who find social media less effective, simply have not mastered the art of fully connecting with their customers

  • Thomas

    The colorful do and don’t columns were very Compelling. Allowed me to read and absorb quickly .

  • Kate song

    Great info thankyou for sharing

  • Jolene

    I can’t tell you how timely and extremely helpful this is!

  • Gaurav Pathak

    Excellent Colleen! Many people are following ‘not this’ part and giving their follower a bad experience. a business could never become successful with annoyed customers. Nice Infographics.

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