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Hi! Jill here again, Training and Education Manager at VR, with a new post on how little changes you make to your email can have a big impact. A couple of months ago I remade one of our customer’s emails and thought it was time to do it again. As before, I made just a few tweaks to the email to give it just the extra oomph it needed to go from ordinary to “get noticed in the inbox” good!

Our customer, LabEx of Massachusetts, has been doing a terrific job with their emails, but they thought they could do it even better.

Here are a few things they’re doing well:

  • Good balance of text and images
  • Lots of links
  • White space & bullets to make the content easy to read & scannable
  • Include contact information
  • Not too long
  • Monthly mailing schedule

Picture 4

I made a few changes (but used the same content) to help make it a bit more effective:

  • Pre-Header text- helps the email stand out in the inbox and get opened. Plus this is a great place to tout good things going on in your company.
  • Link Images – people know they can click on pictures, let them!
  • Social Media Icons – your readers use Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn just like you do, help them connect with you on social media.
  • Forward to a Friend/Colleague – an easy way to spread the word, and you can grow your email marketing list too!
  • Template – I used the same layout but changed up the colors a bit. Remember your recipients are reading on a monitor and lots of colors can make it hard on the eyes. And, use complementary images to your message/product. The tulip in the original email wasn’t a great fit.
  • Subject Line – probably the most important part of your email, keep it catchy but short and sweet.
  • Table of Contents – show your recipient all the great content in your email and anchor links make it easy for them quickly get to what they are most interested in.

Picture 5

A few other changes I did were cleaning up the alignment of the bullet list. The center alignment makes it look jumbled and hard to read. I also added a call-to-action button using one of our favorite sites, We love call-to-action buttons and find they help increase our click through rates.

See what a difference just a few changes can make? If you think your email needs a little nip and tuck, send it our way and we may just feature your email!

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