You may have heard of Google Glass and starting today, you may actually begin seeing them out and about.

Want to get your hands on Google Glass? You’ll have to hurry up and wait as applications are closed, but according to Google, “the conversation is just getting started.”According to Tech Crunch, Google will begin shipping pre-ordered Google Glass this week. At a steep $1,500 a pop,  you can bet that you won’t be seeing them on very many folks… for now at least.

Tech Crunch elaborates, “Plenty of questions remain about Google Glass, especially as to whether mainstream consumers will actually want them, how often people will actually wear them and how awkward things will be when you’re sitting across the table from someone who has a camera connected to the Internet in front of their eyeball. Having said that, Glass has gotten people excited, and you’re going to start seeing at least 2,000 more of them in the wild very soon.”

Would you try/wear Google Glass?

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