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A sign up form is one of the single most powerful tools you can use to grow your email list. We recently wrote a post about everything you’d want to know about sign up forms. Need a refresher? Sign up forms are hosted webpages or embedded forms you can easily add to your website, blog and social networks to collect email subscribers. You may also hear them referred to as web forms, or opt-in forms.

In today’s post, we’ll focus on how to use a sign up form to grow your email list. So let’s get to it!

Email sign up forms build quality lists

When someone visits your company website, blog or one of your social media pages and chooses to sign up for your email list, they’re actively agreeing to receive your content. They’re telling you they’re interested and want to hear from you! This makes these subscribers most likely to engage with the content you send. 

Check out the simple sign up form we use on our VR Marketing Blog to collect sign ups for our VR Buzz newsletter:

As you can see, we have more than 500K subscribers, so it works pretty well.

Where should I put an email sign up form?

Have your email sign up form and links to the form on all pages of your website, blog and other channels where your customers and prospects can interact with your business. Where exactly should you place forms and links to forms? Here are some suggestions:

  • The top side bar of your website or blog (link and/or form)
  • In the top navigation bar (link and/or form)
  • The footer of your site (link and/or form)
  • A tab on your Facebook page (link and/or form)
  • At the end of every blog post (link)
  • On your “About Us” page (link and/or form)
  • All of your social sites (link)

It may seem like overkill, but the more places you share your form, the more likely someone will see it. This way, while you’re busy running your business, your email sign up form can easily collect new subscribers. Your email service provider, like VerticalResponse, will add the new subscribers to your email lists so you don’t have to do anything.

You should frequently share the link to your email sign up form on social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook page. We recently wrote about how you can grow your email list using Pinterest, too. 

VerticalResponse customer and San Francisco-based “roaming mobile food extravaganza,” Off the Grid, uses a prominent email sign up form at the top of every page of their website near the main navigation bar. This tactic has collected nearly 40K+ subscribers.

How to Grow Your List with Email Sign up Forms

Local SF retailer, Cliche Noe uses a large and simple email sign up form to collect subscribers and keep them informed about events and deals:

How to Grow Your List with Email Sign up Forms

What information should I collect?

Less is more. Keep your forms visually simple and only include only a few fields. Many sign up forms only ask for an email address, however you may want to collect a first name, or a bit more data to segment your list, such as location. Be aware, however, the more fields you add, the less likely someone is to fill it out. Once you include 3-4 or more fields, your conversion rates (the number of people who fill out your form, sign up, etc.) will drop off. 

No technical skills required

If you’re not using an email sign up form because you don’t know where to start, begin with your email service provider. Most have email sign up form tools that are easy to use and customize for your needs.

Where can I find sign up forms?

In VerticalResponse Classic, you can find customizable, embedded signup forms in your account under Lists > Opt-in Forms.

In the new VerticalResponse, you can find our new, hosted sign up form web pages under Contacts.

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